True Fellowship

True Fellowship

In Christian circles the word “fellowship” is as common as the non-word “ain’t” is in the south. Most people relate the word to sitting with other Christians in the church fellowship hall eating chicken and casseroles together. I suppose that is indeed a form of fellowship.

But the true biblical definition of the word “fellowship” (koinonia is the New Testament Greek word) has to do with being together in a community of believers and discussing things related to God’s blessings to believers. For the more scholarly readers – below is the official definition from¬†Bible Study Tools online.

As nice as those fellowship meals are, they don’t hold the proverbial candle to what true fellowship actually is.

Fellowship at a Funeral?

A few days ago I attended the funeral of my good friend and Christian brother, Reverend Pat Stewart. I have attended and officiated more funerals than I ever dreamed I would in life. Most are sad and low key regardless of how much effort is made to do the opposite. But for a true believer who lived a godly life that was a true embodiment and constant expression of fellowship, a funeral is not morbid or sad. These funerals are joyous and celebrative.

Pastor Don Ware

At Brother Stewart’s funeral people were smiling and happy. Pastor Don Ware gave a joyous and honoring eulogy for our friend and brother. Three other men gave joyous testimonies related to the impact Pat had on their lives. That’s fellowship!

I saw many of the members of Highlands Baptist Church truly enjoying fellowship … AT A FUNERAL! One after one they stopped me and told me of the blessings that God had provided them through the life and ministry of Pat Stewart. I was uplifted and blessed just to hear these sentiments. I shared a few of my own with them as well. It was truly a celebration of fellowship.

True Fellowship Changes Us

As I left the funeral service I was overtaken with the thought of fellowship. I asked myself if I was living in such a way that blesses others and communicates the blessings of God. Honestly, I think I do much of the time. But I am sure there are those moments when I am, well, not so much of the blessing I would like to be. ¬†Aren’t we all like that?

God gave us fellowship in order to share His blessings with each other. True fellowship is not about casseroles. It is about sharing with one another what God has done in our lives that has blessed us. We want to share those blessings so others who are facing life’s challenges can see and sense the blessings of God that are so available to them. This kind of fellowship changes us. It builds hope and creates joy!

I love the fellowship of fellowship.

Now, go fellowship with someone who needs a blessing today.

I trust this post has been a blessing to you.

Tony Guthrie, PhD

Highlands Baptist Church Huntsville AL


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