How to Deal with Discouragement

How to Deal with Discouragement

Hmmmm, how to deal with discouragement. It is an interesting question. Why? Because we ALL know what discouragement is. 

Most of us simply ride it out knowing that eventually things will get better. We will simply get over it with time. But that approach only works for the normal times of discouragement. And what are the “normal” disouragements? Things like:

  • not getting the promotion
  • a challenging season with your spouse
  • a “healable” illnes that lingers for weeks
  • Not getting the grade you had hoped for
Obviously the list above is not exhaustive. But those kind of things are “normal” and we have all faced those kinds of discouraging situations.
But what can you do when the discouraging feeling hangs on. You know what I am referring to, right? That season of discouragement that keeps on keeping on.  Here’s a few thoughts:

Regroup and Refocus | Make the Decision To Overcome Discouragement

In much of my writing and teaching over the years I have pounded the idea of really “deciding” to act on your own behalf. People tend to “waller” in their discouragement. By doing so we not only stay discouraged ourselves but we also can discourage others. There is another solution. DECIDE to snap out of it. Tony Robbins often talks about completely changing your physiology and mindset in order to instantly feel better. He says that we have the power within us to take control of our own happiness. I totally agree. 
We simply have to stand up, slap our hands together, and say; 

“That’s it! I am not going to stay this way. The Lord my God did not put me here to be in this state of discouragement! I have decided that this season of discouragement ends NOW!”

Reconsider | Are You Focused on the Right Things?

Maybe you feel discouraged because you are focusing on things that you shouldn’t be. Maybe you are trying your hand at something that is not within your skillset. Maybe you are focusing on another person you have a relationship with when you should be considering yourself. 

Remember, it is far easier to change YOU than it is to change another person or a situation. 

Look at your life in totality. If you are discouraged more often than you are encouraged, then something has got to give. So you may want to …

Reconnect | Use Your Skills and Spiritual Gifts


We all have spiritual gifts.  We are at our best and happiest when we are utilizing them. If you find yourself discouraged in life, career, or relationships it may be that you are in disconnect mode. The internet is amazingly powerful but if our computer is not connected to it, it is powerless. Our spiritual gifts and skills, properly utilized, will keep us focused and happy. 

Discouragement that lingers may be caused by a continual attempt on our part to involve ourselves in areas we have no business being involved in. Be honest with yourself. 

Remember | God is Still God

I recently read an article by Don Wilton on the subject of discouragement. In that article he stated: 

Shift your focus from your discouraging circumstances to God Himself.  Remember that He is love, and also that He is all-powerful.  Trust that God will help you because that’s consistent with His character.

One on my favorite verses in God’s Word is Isaiah 41:10:
Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you,
Yes, I will help you,
I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.
This passage is so easy to understand. It has a simple exegesis (seminary word). God tells us that there is no reason to be fearful. He says that there is no reason to be dismayed (discouraged). He promises strength and offers help. He reminds us that He will hold us up so we can continue to move ahead. TRUST THIS!
In times of unending discouragement remember the Lord and don’t be discouraged.
Tony Guthrie
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